Post 1990's 2021 Holiday Dinner

U.S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club's Gathering of Fellowship for
Dennis "Grande" Whitmer
October 9th, 2021


Memorial Photo 300.jpg
Planting Flags Honoring the Fallen

Attendee's planting flags Honoring the Fallen

Memorial Photo 400.jpg

Post 1990 Memorial Service Honoroing the 13 Service Members killed in Kabal on August 26, 2021

Bob Rediskie ringing the bell 13 times for those killed in Kabul, Afghanistan

Milton Parham leading the Attendees in singing "My Country Tis of Thee"

Post 1990's Spring Poppy Fund raiser held at Food City on May 28th and 29th, 2021

Swap Meet / Flea Market Held on May 22nd, 2021

Post 1990 First Annual Easter Egg Hunt April 4th, 2021

2021 VFW Post 1990 Easter Egg Hunt
Waiting for the BIG Start
Are we starting yet
OK, off you go, bring back some eggs
Here's the first one
Wonder what Easter Egg hunting tips she is giving out
Are you sure there are eggs over here?
Now, where to next
2021 VFW Easter Egg Hunt
Daddy, if you are getting tired, I can take over
Daddy, over there
You have to look at the ground very carefully to find the big eggs
See, the ground never lies
Oops, left one
Come with me, I have a secret spot with lots of eggs
Happy Easter, now give me the goodies
Five Bucks and it is yours, Oops, just kidding
Now do I have enough
Getting Hotter !!!
I see you, can't hide from me
Look over there
OK honey, you find the eggs and I will hold the basket
The Bunny said WHAT?
Looks like fresh territory
Yep, found one
Sometimes, it just takes three
Can't hide from me, found you
Doing great, found a few
Now where to next
Comrades, I think next year we are going to need more eggs
Come back, I will show you the best spot, I Promise

Post 1990 Golf Tournament Winners

 November 2, 2019

Post 1990 Honors Trooper Cutshall

 September 26, 2019

201 Golf Winners_edited.jpg

Left to Right are runners up Jerry Holt and Turner Reaves, Post Commander Bill Irwin, and champions Wayne Bettis and Sam "Speedy" Herron.

Cutshaw 105.jpg

 Pictured from left to right:  Ruth Cutshall (wife), Billy Cutshall, Ronnie Dixon, CMDR Bill Irwin.

2018 Christmas Day Dinner
Post Fund Raiser Photos
Ange Tree Bikes 2018
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JH, MikeO, Audrey, and Milton at Angel T
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CMDR Irwin at Poppy Distribution
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Miltons Hard work on Post Benches
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Valor watching Milton
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2019 Bench Fundrasier Off for Delivery
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2019 Fair Booth
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Milton and Danny at the 2019 Fair Booth.
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Commander Still At It
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2018 Hardin Park Halloween

Hardin Park