To  access  the Members Area section,  you have to be a site member.

To become a site member, click on "Log In"  at the top of this page.   On the "Sign Up" page,  enter a valid email address and a  password of your choosing.  Alternately, you can  use your Facebook or Google Account login info to sign up with.  We will send you an Email to the Email address provided to verify the address. Once verified from your Email account,  you will have access to the entire "Member Area" section.  



Go to  "LOG IN " at the top of this page, click on  the "Hello"  message and  click on "Profile".   Update your log in name  in the top left corner, this name will show in the "Hello" banner  whenever  you log in. You can also  add a picture (optional), then click "Save".  In the "About section,  you can add a brief description and/or a picture you would like  to share with other veterans (Optional). When Finished, click "Publish".


 Finally on the left In "Profile" go down and select "My Account", Enter your First and Last Name (required). Update any other optional information and click on "Update Info" and you are done with the Signup Process. 

(We Only require a full name and  valid email address whick you already provided ).

Any account whose Profile hasn't been updated within  10 days of joining may be disabled or deleted after 30 days.

Remember, all information in your profile will only be visible by other logged in site members.